How to Style: Plain White Tee


There are certain essential items a girl’s closet is simply incomplete without. Take, for instance, the plain white tee. It is an endlessly versatile item and a building block for any wardrobe. You can adapt it to all different styles and situations. Taking your basic to the next level doesn’t take that much effort. Here we have mixed and matched six different outfits featuring no less than your everyday plain white tee!


IMG_6899 IMG_6898 IMG_6897Aisha H&M plain white tee ” Berschka mom jeans ” Adidas Supercolours Light Pink” Bulaggi thrifted bag

Britt Zara plain white tee ” Zara ripped jeans ” Adidas Supercolours Blue (kids) ” Dior Soreal replica


IMG_6895 IMG_6896 IMG_6894Aisha H&M plain white tee ” River Island distressed jeans ” H&M ankle boots ” H&M mesh backpack ” Primark sunglasses

Britt Zara plain white tee ” Pyrex replica blouse from Aliexpress ” River Island leather trousers ” New Look chunky heels


IMG_6892 IMG_6891 IMG_6890Aisha H&M plain white tee ” Pull and Bear trousers ” Zara ankle boots ” Bulaggi thrifted Bag ” Axcent watch

Britt Zara plain white tee ” Zara blazer ” River Island leather trousers ” Zara heels ” Dior Technologic replica

Photography & Editing: Rohin Jagesar

  1. I’m feeling the aesthetic of these pictures, so chic!


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